Special Needs Trust - Legal Settlement

Select this meeting if you're an ATTORNEY and your client: Is receiving SSI and/or Medicaid and is about to or has received a legal settlement. Is getting a divorce and has a special needs child(dren). Has a special needs child that receives child support that affects his or her SSI or Medicaid benefits. A First Party Special Needs Trust is an Irrevocable Trust created to hold the special needs person’s assets. The Trustee uses these assets for the Special Needs Person’s care without disqualifying him or her from needs-based government benefits, such as Medicaid. First Party Special Needs Trusts are often used when a Special Needs Person receives a legal settlement, inherits assets, or receives a divorce settlement. The goal is to allow the SNT person to benefit from their needs-based government benefits and use these other funds to supplement those benefits. Because the assets belong to the SNT person, if unused they must be applied to reimburse Medicaid. When you set up an appointment, we will send you a questionnaire designed to gather preliminary information about your concerns/objectives and about the nature and extent of your assets. The initial consultation meeting lasts about one hour. At that meeting, our attorneys will discuss with you your client's special needs planning concerns, you and your client's expectations, you and your client's goals, and any potential issue relevant to their situation. Our attorneys will give you preliminary suggestions as to how to address you and your client's concerns and either offer a specific estate planning recommendation or frame the issues you need to resolve before a plan can be structured. After the initial meeting, you will receive an engagement proposal if you want us to prepare the documents or assist you in taking the other steps necessary to implement the plan. The majority of our estate planning work is done on a flat or set fee basis that is discussed with you at the initial meeting once we know the extent of the work involved.

Ashley Stepps
Ashley Stepps
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