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Select this meeting if: You have been named as trustee of a trust and need to discuss trust administration or probate due to the death of a loved one.   Trust administration is the process by which the trustee settles a decedent's estate. For example, the trustee will be required to collect assets, pay debts, keep beneficiaries informed of his or her actions, and distribute the assets. The fee for an initial consultation is $100. As the trustee, you must make decisions that may have important and long-term implications. We help make your job manageable by explaining every step as you go, by examining with you the available options, by organizing the estate records, and by helping you navigate through every facet of settling a trust. When you set up an appointment, we will send you a questionnaire designed to gather preliminary information about your concerns/objectives and about the nature and extent of the estate's assets. The initial consultation meeting lasts about one hour. At that meeting, our attorneys will discuss your concerns, your expectations, and any potential issues relevant to the estate. Our attorneys will give you preliminary suggestions as to how to address your concerns and how to get started. After the initial meeting, you will receive an engagement proposal if you want us to assist you in taking the steps necessary to administer the trust. For most uncontested matters, we structure our fee as a charge against the trust. The majority of our work is done on a flat or set fee basis that is discussed with you at the initial meeting once we know the extent of the work involved. If you hire our firm  (most do) then the consultation fee is credited to our retainer and becomes part of the flat fee when you pursue within 30 days of the consultation.

C.K. Adcock
C.K. Adcock
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